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Fashion Instagram accounts you must follow!!!

We all LOVE instagram! No one can denied that! And fashion is part of the game right now! I have to admit that was a hard decision select this “top 11″, but was their inspiration, hashtags with a lot of “#ootd” proposals, popularity and of course, great photos, that helped me to bet for this instagram’s personalities. Because we all need more glamour, new eyes around the world and images to express our life and style, don’t you think? I’m sure you will not stop of give them your “tap tap” to every photo of this accounts!!!

PS: Clic on each name to follow them

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¡6 cuentas mexicanas de moda en Twitter que debes seguir!

Las redes sociales se han convertido en una forma básica de comunicar e informarnos. Twitter ha hecho que nuestras ideas sean escuchadas mediante 140 caracteres, acercándonos a la moda de manera sencilla, breve y objetiva. ¿Quién no se conectado con el mundo mediante esta red al despertar y tomarse 5 minutos para levantarse de la cama? ¿O mientras te tomas un café o té al llegar a trabajar? O incluso, ¿antes de terminar tu día o de camino al gym?… ¡Todos hemos caído en algún momento!. Algunos – y me incluyo – lo hacemos como rutina informativa. Es por eso que he seleccionado ¡6 cuentas mexicanas de debes seguir en Twitter!. Cada una te acercará al mundo de la moda nacional e internacional desde diferentes perspectivas. ¡Por que en México también sabemos y hablamos de moda!.

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15 fashion facts of Audrey Hepburn!!!

During years, Audrey Hepburn has been a reference of fashion, an icon that has marked history with her style. A woman who exemplified that help people and a glamourous world can walk together. A person full of energy and passion for movies with style. That’s why I selected 15 fashion facts that will show you why Audrey is still an inspiration for the new generations. She never was part of a trend, because her name is a synonym of glamour, elegance but the most important, a prove that when you have a passion for something you should follow it, because as she said: “The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters”.

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5 fashion documentaries you can’t miss!!!

Imagine the fashion world seen with other eyes. Imagine know the most iconic characters in the industry as they really are. In their craziest monotony, without layers, open as a new book ready to be read, showing just exactly how they work, think, talk, create, design, and live life. This selection of 5 fashion documentaries talk us about how in different ways and areas, this industry and the people who work on it, have been created an empire, a desire and a life style, where the starting point will be always fashion. 

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la foto

10 Dresses you have to love!!

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

- Yves Saint Laurent

They say that a dress can tell a lot about the woman who´s wearing it. I say also that this garment can tell us about her personality, style, era, even how society was in that moment. That´s why I selected 10 dresses that you have to love, 10 dresses that show us what happened to the world since man began to take fashion as a way of expression, but most important, 10 dresses that will make you relive and remember the best moments you´ve lived in the company of this very special piece …

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Museo Textil de Oaxaca

Oaxaca siempre ha sido para mi un estado que posee todos los elementos que pueden describir a nuestro país. En mi visita para dar la bienvenida a este 2014, ir al Museo Textil de la ciudad era mi prioridad para comenzar bien el año. Las historias que se tejen y describen a lo largo de sus pasillos, en una casona del siglo XVIII, te hacen recordar mientras caminas por el lugar, que nuestra indumentaria tradicional esta tan llena de folclore como lo esta México.

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Showroom Lydia Lavin

Durante mis días en la Ciudad de México, mi itinerario no podía dejar de lado, visitar el showroom de una de mis diseñadoras favoritas: Lydia Lavin. Fue en la Colonia Roma, en una calle tranquila, -o quizá lo fue gracias a las vacaciones-, que el lugar de creación de esta diseñadora me recibió para conocer de cerca su inspiración y trabajo.

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Front Row: Chinese American Designers

“I was meant to be a fashion designer” – Anna Sui.

Was in 1980 when Chinese Designers emerged in the American culture, imposing a trend that has been acclaimed until our days. Now, almost three decades after, the Museum of Chinese in America celebrates the achievements of the most iconic designers, showing to the expectator the progress that the fashion has had thanks to this characters.

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The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

“I like difference. Perfection is relative and beauty is subjective. I wanted to make imperfection admirable. That shows in my choice of models, among other things. Sometimes a different energy and bearing, or an unusual type of body, catches my eye and makes me want to invent something”. 

- Jean Paul Gaultier

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Fashion Walk of Fame

Walk around 7 av. in Manhattan is like breath fashion in every step you take!!!… A new corner is a proof of the versatility of this city. This time, my new house surprise me with these sidewalk that reminds me why fashion is so important on our lives. Fashion Walk of Fame, is a project established in 1999. The reason? to celebrate the excellence in American design, honoring the most influential designers who have had an impact in the fashion history.

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