My Apple Picking experience!

Fall is finally in New York and that means just one thing: apple and pumpkin picking season! YAY!!! 🍎🍁🍂🎃

It was my first time joining this New Yorker tradition and I was totally excited. Sooo, in this post, I wanna share some tips and insights about this experience to make yours easier when the time to planing it comes. 

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This one-day-getaway is perfect to plan it with a group of friends. I went with my lovely crew from Hillsong Church and going as a group made the experience so much fun! 


Commute: As newyorkers, we know traveling upstate without a car can be tricky. That's why we decided to take the train to Purdy's from Grand Central. Our destination was Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard so the one car we need was the lyft who took us from the train station to the Farm. 10 mins ride or less for $10-12dlls for 5-6 people! PS. Buy round-trip from Grand Central terminal, you will save time went you head back to the city! Ticket price: $29dlls. 


Wanderlust tip:

PS. Buy round-trip from Grand Central terminal, you will save time went you head back to the city! Ticket price: $29dlls. 

The Farm: Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard was lovely. They have 2 options, apple and pumpkin picking. For the first one, which was the one we took, the entrance ticket is sell by bag, $20 each per 5 people. Which was super convenient for our 10 group. If you're going with a smaller team, you can also pay $5 dlls each.

Activities: For the apple picking, there a hill to be walk to head to where all the apples are, which is cool, 'cuz you can also take photos around an enjoy the views. However, they also have live music, farm animals, pony rides, face painting and craft vendors, so this trip can be for couples and even families. BUT, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED (so sad for all the dog lovers) 😢

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Food: You will find tons of vendors and multiple options (mostly American food, like burgers, hot dogs, fries and so on) Tip: Bring cash! they don't take cards!


I had the best time, felt so relax, of course took bunch of photos but most important, enjoyed my friend's company and disconnected a bit from the city mood! Isn't life great when you decided to enjoy it? 

Hope this tips give you an idea of how a apple picking day will look like! There's tons of farms around New York and New Jersey that open during the season so feel free to find the closest to you! See you until next season and enjoy you pumpkin or apple spice latte! ☕


- Karen