Brunch at L'Oréal

I couldn't wrap FashionWeek in a better way than brunching with L'Oréal team at their headquarters!! 

My dearest friend Keily Hernandez invited us for a brunch to the offices where beauty and hair turns into magic. Our tour started with a walk through all the different departments, from Maybelline to Matrix and Biolage (this last two, my favorite ones from the L'Oréal family). I was amazed by the huge empire they have. All the teams were super friendly with us and I personally felt at home.


After learned about how the company works and walked through their inspiring halls, full of photos from different campaigns and locations at the big apple, we headed to my favorite part of the visit, the rooftop. But, first thing first lol, we grabbed some lunch at their food court (where I felt like in a fancy mall hahaha). We went for a healthy option just to keep the FW spirit and found our place in the amazing rooftop they had. 


Honestly, as a local who have lived here for a long time, this breathtaking  view is one of the best I had have the chance to admire.


After our photo session and delicious food, we continued our way to their multiple salons, making a quick coffee break to finally enjoy some "product education talk" with Keily, who explained us the new essentials that Biolage and Matrix just launched and which should be the must-have in our hair routine.


Thanks L'Oréal and Keily for all the special treatment and the goodies that can't wait to try! Pedro, Andy, Ari and I had a blast in this tour!

With love,

- Karen