3 Hair Essentials you will love / Spring Edition

Hello my dear FashionTopic family,

As spring is finally in New York, is time for our hair to shine as bright as the sunny days. Some of you know that my hair routine is key for my day-to-day. That's why this post is dedicated to all of you who want their hair look great in different situations and styles. We know life can be unpredictable, but our hair should always be ready for the new challenges, so here you have...


1. Bring it up!

The "bombshell blowout spray" are for those who love the volume but look also for protection and repair. I love this spray 'cuz fits all types of hair. I usually apply it when I'm in the mood for a edgy look.


2. Keep it together!

The "Undone Texture Spray" it's so far, MY FAVORITE finishing product. A quick spray on my waves and they will last all day in there place with a natural movement. A MUST HAVE GUYS! 


3. Combo time!

I have to confess that my hair is really oily and sometimes between the rush and my day-to-day activities it gets worst. Applying this "perk-up dry shampoo and conditioner" my hair looks cleaner with a matte finish even in those busy days. 

Amika is been one of my favorite brands when it comes to hair routine. Their products have great quality, but most important, are gentle with my hair. They smell SOOO GOOOD and their plus: all their products are cruelty free! So no excuses to not apply this options on your hair routine! Feel adventurous and enjoy the spring with new styles! 


- Karen

Photos: Christian Zuñiga